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How to unlock the PDF Ebook
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14 de Mayo, 2012 · General

7 Differences between PDF and EPUB

Many people are curious as to what exactly the differences are between PDF and EPUB. They can’t quite understand why everyone seems so excited for EPUB. What’s so great about that format as opposed to all the others? In fact, people are excited about EPUB in particular over other reflowable eBook formats because it’s the first open eBook standard based on existing specifications with actual industry support. In the article, I’d like to have simple introduction of PDF and EPUB eBook formats, then make comparison between PDF and EPUB.
Definition about EPUB and PDF
EPUB, called electronic publication format, is probably the most common of all the formats and is widely supported across all platforms. Most e-Readers like Apple’s iBooks, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Adobe Digital Editions, Aldiko on Android among others (nearly 300) support .EPUB files. The EPUB format is an open standard. That means it is free and publicly available though there are specific rules for its usage. It is very similar in appearance to HTML rendered pages with images. The most important point is that EPUB is becoming the standard open format for the publishing industry and quickly becoming the standard for most reading devices.
PDF, Adobe’s pet format, which is short for portable document format, become one of the oldest eBook formats and the most used. PDF format supports fixed width layout and reflowable content. PDF files can be digitally signed and securely locked against editing and this has also promoted there use along with the fact that they are viewable and printable on virtually any platform. PDF format is preferred because PDF files preserve the original layout of any document which has any type of data – text, drawings, multimedia, video, 3D, maps, full-color graphics, photos, and even business logic.
7 differences between EPUB and PDF
1. Readablity
PDF files can be viewed exactly the same way as original format. On PC or Mac Os, PDF is perfect for readers except in mobile devices. For the readability with mobile devices, EPUB is better than PDF.
2. Populartiy
Adobe official website says “More than 150 million PDF documents publicly available on the web today, along with countless PDF files in government agencies and businesses around the world.” From this analysis, it is not hard to find out that EPUB is not yet as popular as PDF.
3. Multiplatform
As PDF and EPUB are open standard, both PDF and EPUB can be viewable in multiplatform: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux and many mobile devices like iPad and Kindle.
4. Layout
PDF file creates a static image, tables, images, and other elements and well retain the original layout as well as eBooks. While EPUB has its outstanding feature-support reflowable content, the text display can be optimized for the EPUB-reading devices.
5. Versatility
PDF file can be created to take notes, highlights, annotate, etc with Adobe Acrobat. However, EPUB can be read-only, no editing function.
6. Extensibility
“More than 2,000 vendors worldwide offer PDF-based solutions including creation, plug-in, consulting, training, and support tools.” according to PDF is more extensible that EPUB.
7. Security
PDF is well known for its security feature. Not only the digital signature allows you to proclaim the authority of the PDF files, but also the open password and owner password set to the PDF can protect others from copying and printing, even opening. EPUB files can be optionally containing DRM, but it is not a requisition.
Different supported eBook Readers between PDF and EPUB
PDF files are supported various eBook readers: Mobipocket, iRex iLiad, iRex DR1000, Sony Reader, Bookeen Cybook, Foxit eSlick, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, iPad, PocketBook Reader and more.
EPUB formats can be readable on Kobo eReader, Apple iPad, Barnes and Noble Nook, Sony Reader, BeBook, Bookeen Cybook Gen3,COOL-ER, Adobe Digital Editions, Lexcycle Stanza, BookGlutton, AZARDI, Aldiko, etc.
If you want to view a fantastic PDF file, then it will be a great experience to view it at iPad with EPUB format for its great readability. You can try to convert PDF to EPUB with PDF to Epub Mac.
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That's not true that epub can't be edited or annotated. Maybe it's easier to edit PDF, bu Calibre allows you to edit the epub formats, and some good Android app allows you to take annotations (Moon Reader). For the security, also, it depends what you are looking for, both are secure, (DRM for ebooks or password for

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